Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Scottish Socialists for Independence Event

Scottish Socialists for Independence Event

An evening of music, culture and politics in Partick Bowling Club, 30 Fortrose
Street, Glasgow G11 5NS, on Thursday, 12th September
at 7pm.
Cailean Gallagher, member of the Labour Party and Researcher for Yes Scotland
Feargal Dalton, SNP Councillor for Partick West
Sandra Webster, Women for Independence
Danny McCafferty, Coordinator, West Dunbartonshire Yes Scotland
David Bettridge and friends reading poems of Independence 
Arthur Johnstone, folk singer  
Citizen Smart
Please join us in an evening event to launch the new Scottish Socialists for Independence banner at the Scottish Independence Rally on 21st September 2013.
Tickets £5/£3 unwaged
Contact: Maggie Chetty
All welcome
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Monday, 25 March 2013


Mon, 25/03/2013 - 17:11
Today the SNP group in Aberdeen City Council submitted an emergency motion calling for the council to not evict anyone subject to the bedroom tax who takes all reasonable steps to repay arrears.
The administration rejected hearing a motion to stop bedroom-tax evictions, whilst at the same time raised senior administration members pay £41,599 higher than the previous administration. The current Aberdeen City Council Administration is now the most expensive in history.
All SNP-run councils have committed to implementing a no eviction policy, following the lead of Dundee City Council, showing it can be delivered. The SNP group in Aberdeen City Council is calling on the administration to give Aberdeen tenants the same protection from this devastating policy.
SNP Group Leader Cllr Callum McCaig said:
“The bedroom-tax is a devastating policy being pursued by the UK Government. Local councils cannot do everything to protect people but the council can do this: they can remove the threat of eviction. When a council tenant runs into arrears through no fault of their own because of the bedroom-tax then the council should not be evicting them.
“The Labour-led administration has chosen today to put themselves and their salaries before the needs of the citizens of Aberdeen. They are failing to take action they could on the bedroom-tax whilst putting up their own salaries up.”
Aberdeen Central MSP Kevin Stewart – a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee – said:
“This is probably the most ill thought-out policy since the Poll Tax, and Labour’s complete inability to stand up for the people of Aberdeen - while lining their own pockets - is as baffling as it is shameful.
“Almost 2000 people in Aberdeen are to be affected by this iniquitous tax – a tax which 90% of Scottish MPs have voted against, yet is still to be imposed on Scotland.
"As long as decisions about welfare are made in Westminster, Scotland will continue to have unfair and damaging policies forced on it by governments that we didn’t vote for. That is why Scotland needs to have the powers of independence, so that we can make decisions in and for Scotland."

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Best Album of 2012 "This is PIL"

The Best Album of 2012 had to be the May release of This is PIL by Public Image Ltd. A post-punk sound that grows on you as you listen to it and captivates your attention.
PIL along with frontman John Lydon have survived the line up changes in the band yet every new album that is released over the years brings new fresh material which musically is challenging and very, very modern.
Yet another catalog of songs we can add among our favourites to the PIL Archive of music over the years not every song equally as strong as the other but some great gems can be found on the album.
This is PIL BBC Review

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Trade Unionists For Independence

2012 Annual John MacLean Rally

Scottish Republican Socialist Movement
Annual John MacLean Commemoration
Sunday 25 November 2012
Eastwood Cemetery 1PM (next to Thornliebank Railway Station) for a graveside oration. Followed by a march from Thornliebank St/Boydston Rd 1.30 pm prompt. This will be followed by a social/rally at the Shawbridge Tavern, Shawbridge St, with a range of speakers and live music, including the White Rose folk group.
£5. Children free. All welcome.
Numbers 23, 45 and 57 bus (First) will take you directly to Eastwood Cemetery. Speakers include; Gerry Cairns (John MacLean Society), Brian Quail (SCND), Alan Stewart, Iain Ramsay, Celtic League and 1820 Society, The Communist Party of Scotland and Stephen Coyle, historian, who will highlight the links between John MacLean & Irish Revolutionaries.
SRSM, P.O. Box 16887, Glasgow, G11 9E

Friday, 15 June 2012

Dennis Canavan at launch of Yes Scotland campaign

Former Falkirk MP and MSP, Dennis Canavan, took time out after the launch of Yes Scotland to talk about his reasons for saying yes to an independent Scotland.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Voting Yes for an Independent Scotland

Time to support a Yes Vote in the campaign for Scottish Independence and hopefully the correct result will be delivered by the Scottish people in 2014.