Saturday, 14 November 2009

Pipe and Slippers

Bought a pipe last week. Nice to relax with a coffee and pair of slippers. The pipe cost me &9.99 and I had to buy tobacco. Smoking like drinking is expensive. Indeed money does not go very far nowadays. Hard to avoid debts. Payday and once the bills are paid there are not much left. But I enjoy spending money and shopping. Whats the point of having money unless you are going to spend it while enjoying it at the same time. No matter how brief money stays in your pocket. And it is good to treat yourself like buy something different like a pipe. I can concentrate with a pipe and I feel mellow with it. All I got to do now is work out what is my favourite tobacco? A new pastime to relax with.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thoughts in Export

The best way to start is to admit to writer's block. Why not despite a can of Carlsberg Export beside me and some music from my CD collection. This writing should be a labour of love and my first in a while. I have been reading which should expand the mind and capture my interest. Where is my imagination was it destroyed by prescription medication it is possible? Anyway I can always smoke, what about Amber Leaf to enhance the concentration while destroying the lungs lol. Well why not drink to kill the liver and smoke to do worse.

Anyway I am writing a regular diary from my home in Kirkcaldy and stop off at my girlfriend's house in Dundee. Tonight I am in Fife and never left the house today. No lazy and a few cans of beer. Tomorrow I will pick up my prescription for meds and feel fine. Or will I? The best I can hope for in Kirkcaldy considering my girlfriend thinks the town is boring. It's not if you order a Pizza and better than that dump Dundee with kids in the street and screaming women.

Today I am depressed because people die and I am thinking about Radio 1 DJ John Peel. Not to worry he is in a better place wish I was. Depression is harsh but not as bad as rock bottom. Been there got the t-shirt but never mind.

Well what can I tell you? I have long hair and am 13 stone so what? The world is round and I just spoke to my girlfriend on the telephone. Yes I do love her and why not?

Enough information for today.

See you.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Scottish Independence petition

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To: The Scottish Government

We demand that Scotland becomes a full sovereign Independent country. We demand this because we don't believe the unionist lies of Labour and believe that Scotland would be a wealthier, healthier, smarter, safer & more just nation with Independence.

Scotland is being held back under the UK! We want Scotland to do what Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, and Andorra have all done (with either similar or even smaller populations to Scotland) and to MOVE FORWARD and create a better future for everyone!

We will make our voice be heard and we will demand Independence & Freedom for Scotland!! The Scottish people have a right to self determination & have the right to decide our nations future in a referendum to allow the people of Scotland to vote for a new beginning for Scotland with Independence!!


The Undersigned

Friday, 6 March 2009

Forum for Scottish Democracy

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