Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thoughts in Export

The best way to start is to admit to writer's block. Why not despite a can of Carlsberg Export beside me and some music from my CD collection. This writing should be a labour of love and my first in a while. I have been reading which should expand the mind and capture my interest. Where is my imagination was it destroyed by prescription medication it is possible? Anyway I can always smoke, what about Amber Leaf to enhance the concentration while destroying the lungs lol. Well why not drink to kill the liver and smoke to do worse.

Anyway I am writing a regular diary from my home in Kirkcaldy and stop off at my girlfriend's house in Dundee. Tonight I am in Fife and never left the house today. No lazy and a few cans of beer. Tomorrow I will pick up my prescription for meds and feel fine. Or will I? The best I can hope for in Kirkcaldy considering my girlfriend thinks the town is boring. It's not if you order a Pizza and better than that dump Dundee with kids in the street and screaming women.

Today I am depressed because people die and I am thinking about Radio 1 DJ John Peel. Not to worry he is in a better place wish I was. Depression is harsh but not as bad as rock bottom. Been there got the t-shirt but never mind.

Well what can I tell you? I have long hair and am 13 stone so what? The world is round and I just spoke to my girlfriend on the telephone. Yes I do love her and why not?

Enough information for today.

See you.

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