Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Support the Dot Scot campaign

Happy St Andrews Day and well done to Google for flying the flag for Scotland on their webpage http://www.google.co.uk

Anyway check out the Dot Scot campaign as covered in the excellent weblog below:

Dot Scot is the campaign to get Scotland its own domain name on the internet. It shouldn't really be too difficult, with the proliferation of .nets and .orgs.

Catalonia already has its own, which is great for business, culture and tourism. It's a big world wide web out there and the more distinctive you are the better. It's also a great way of uniting the Scottish diaspora, linking a world wide family with affinity to the country.
If the campaign is successful then this site's url could be www.golassiego.scot
That would be a particular boon to me as the .com version of golassiego has been snapped up by an Irish tourism initiative. (the site's current url is www.joanmcalpine.com)

To celebrate St Andrew's Day the campaign Dot Scot Registry has launched a new website to track support. The site also answers the most frequently asked questions about '.scot'.

The site can be found at http://www.dotscot.net/ .

The more supporters they can sign up the better so please do register...and send the link on to your friends and encourage them to support '.scot'.


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