Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Our class, our life

The engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton and discussions over a Royal wedding in Spring or Summer should seem irrelevant to the Scottish poor. The English media will no doubt not stop talking and speculating about it.

However true patriots of Scotland need only understand that London is quite a distance away and matters that affect us closer to home are very much more important.

As the cuts to public services impact on our lives the working class will have thoughts of resistance and getting even.

Let us not forget the poor and remember that Scottish Independence could right many wrongs even within the limitations of Scottish capitalism. Forces of democracy would thrive better in an Independent Scotland.

William and Kate seem a nice couple but live in a world different to us. The difference is class and the poor should only understand class struggle.

The phoenix will rise again in Scotland it is only a matter of time and we can decide then if we wish a socialist republic I sincerely hope we do.

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