Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Winter Sunshine

There is something refreshing but blinding about the winter sunshine. Light is indeed precious and in short supply during the long dark days and nights of November/December. During these dark months I am attracted by bright things like Christmas wrapping paper or the cover of a music CD.

Open the window because the heat in the living room lurks in stale air and let the freezing cold penetrate the warmth. Storage heaters give out a dry heat anyway and morning is a time to brush away cobwebs and breathe fresh air.

In reality life is a plague of contrasts eg: hot /cold or light/darkness etc..but I can cope with that until opposites collide. Consistency is what I like best but you cannot always get it. The unexpected opposites clash with the safe world and create some unexpected and painful sparks.

My safe world is what I seek when I go looking during short or longer walks. When I go out I can observe the world and come back home to asses the level playing field. Back at home when it gets dark again I can light a candel and create a flame of motion. But now I crave fresh air and window of opportunity. A new day should bring new prospects but does not always. Our world is an object but also tied up in our subjective thought. In other words our world is often what we make it. Safe or otherwise. However I still like the winter sunshine but not it's blinding effects.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Remain living for today

The winter sunshine is reaching the living room. It is cold but not frosty. All here in the now. I care about the now but do not avoid thinking about the past or future. Why spend time obsessed with the past or worry constantly about the future? If we worry about the time past, or time future we are using psychological energy and wasting it. Say worrying about the future or our psychological time rather than planning for the clock time by way of acting on our problems and wishes.

Best I plan for the future with my belief system in check. Yes I will by all means not stop believing or wanting socialism. But not by being hateful in the present while wishing for a better future in my idealistic way. Instead take a chill pill (metaphorically speaking) and support initiatives towards my idealistic goals for future while through time remaining level headed about my past and future but remaining fixed in the here and now.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

My diary of thought

Well it is Saturday evening and I have managed to keep the living room relatively warm considering. The local council provided storage heaters in the rooms of my house sometime back but they are expensive as a source of heating in housing. The pre-payment electricity meters are a rip-off even though I like pay as you use rather than quarterly bills.

This blog I write will deal as much about my thoughts rather than mere opinions and political beliefs etc..I am christian which is interesting as most of my socialist colleagues in life are atheist. I do not attend church at present but my chosen one would be Methodist. I was baptised Church of Scotland but privately educated at a Catholic school. I never learnt much until I left school and embarked on college where I spent many hours reading rather than watching television. Nowadays, myself and others attention is distracted by the digital age. It is good to download podcasts and music onto my MP3 player which I carry outdoors with me or connect to speakers in the bedroom. Hopefully I will write more sometime in the future about my choice of podcast and what I like to listen to in the way of music, news, current affairs and football or entertainment.

Now this bog has begun also like a diary, but yes, of my thoughts and interests etc. Also I should write about observations in life it is a grand break from political thought and opinionated writings. However my thoughts do return to opinions and political belief systems but it is not always necessary for me to broadcast such here. This is my non-political blog but that does not mean I dare not utter the word socialist. I cannot and should not change what I am which is a republican socialist minded person. I cannot change me and I am content by that. I may not want to be like others after all.

Anyway I am going to leave it at that for now and perhaps produce much variety in what I write rather than long laboured posts all the time. I want to keep it simple and I will try to write here in the mornings, when I seem to write and think at my best.

Time for a milky coffee now!