Sunday, 2 November 2008

Remain living for today

The winter sunshine is reaching the living room. It is cold but not frosty. All here in the now. I care about the now but do not avoid thinking about the past or future. Why spend time obsessed with the past or worry constantly about the future? If we worry about the time past, or time future we are using psychological energy and wasting it. Say worrying about the future or our psychological time rather than planning for the clock time by way of acting on our problems and wishes.

Best I plan for the future with my belief system in check. Yes I will by all means not stop believing or wanting socialism. But not by being hateful in the present while wishing for a better future in my idealistic way. Instead take a chill pill (metaphorically speaking) and support initiatives towards my idealistic goals for future while through time remaining level headed about my past and future but remaining fixed in the here and now.

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