Thursday, 2 December 2010

Preserve oor mither tongue

I am pleased to be following the Scots Language Centre on Twitter

The excellent website can be found at

You know dialectics are living languages and Scots is no exception. As someone who used to study Scottish Gaelic I know the importance of going on the defensive and being proud of our languages and culture. whether it is Scots, Gaelic or more regional such as Doric.

When I did International Voluntary Work in Ireland during the 1990s students from other countries could more easily understand the Irish speaking English rather than my Scots lingo that we all speak in Scotland. Yet the 26 Counties of Ireland was independent of England and we in Scotland were not. No wonder I was offended when asked by foreign students to speak the Queen's English?

At home I have a Scots dictionary which is good, but I can still write some Scots but not all of it. There are some talented Scots writers, and on the web I like reading a weblog by Sophia "Shootin fae the Shin" Guid auld Scots and some Embra culture fae Leith.

So be proud of your mother tongue and written Scots, it is a living language like any other that needs preserving.

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