Friday, 17 December 2010

Vote for change and Scottish Democracy

Received this X-mas e-card from the SNP instead of a printed one in which savings can be directed to the SNP 2011 election appeal.

As we are approaching the end of the year thoughts turn to a better new year. In 2011 we will get the opportunity to vote the SNP back into Government here in Scotland.

The election campaign will be very important for the SNP as we have to persuade Scots that there is no point voting Labour since we end up getting English Tory rule from Westminster. What should be central to our thoughts is the only way to change the short comings of Devolution is to vote for Independence. Also on May 5th 2011 we can turn the AV referendum into an Independence Referendum.

Devolution or the Calman proposals fail to allow Scotland to build our economy and have full fiscal powers.

At New Year I will probably have a whisky while being conscience of the fact that taxation of our national drink goes down to London and into the uk treasury.

We have to get our message across to the people and fight back against unionist propaganda that we are not able to look after ourselves like other smaller nations.

The coming months will be interesting and can be a time for change. The need for Scottish Democracy is more apparent today than at any time in modern history.

I look forward to the challenges that us Nationalists have before us.

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