Saturday, 10 September 2011

News & Views on Russia Today

I have added to this weblog a feed today for Russia Today News. Why? Because it is excellent for world news without the bias of the BBC or American media.

The channel on cable or satellite TV is also quite good also however I don't watch television lately because I grudge paying the TV license fee.

At least the Russians have a different view to the West about the current business of the United Nations. And they are not afraid to broadcast criticism of the UK or America when it comes to their policy on war, occupation and human rights abuses.

For example the propaganda in the UK is to say nothing or silence over human rights abuses in jails and police custody. Particularly Irish prisoners in jails in the north of Ireland suffer abuse at the hands of the British. Yet the media here broadcast plenty criticism of Iran and now Libya but seldom address their own shortcomings.

That is why I believe in socialism to create a society that regularly checks itself for needed improvements and welfare of workers and citizens in general.

No society is perfect but efforts are made in countries such as Cuba and Venezuela to improve governance for the people.

And before anyone on the streets begins to tell me to go and live in these countries the answer is No! I was born Scottish and I have a right as anyone else to live here and struggle on for change and a democratic society in the Scottish nation.

Life under British rule is getting frustrating and tedious as London or Westminster seldom listens to Scottish opinion or our concerns. That is why we need a democratic independent Scotland and one where we can campaign and struggle for a socialist republic.

For instance the tampering with the NHS and introduction of some private practices in it's operation in England is alien to what Scottish opinion would want or tolerate up here.

Scots also treasure our public services and do not have the mindset that supports nuclear weapons or never ending wars of occupation. We were used as cannon fodder during the British empire and subsequent world wars.

And so I am selective in the news I choose to watch, read or listen too and I feel better for it.

The saber-rattling Brits and their bias media can continue their nonsense in Afghanistan and now Libya under the cloak of NATO but don't include me in your adventures. Not in my name.


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