Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Thoughts on Rabbie Burns

Think I will write here about my interest today. Rabbie Burns is Scotland's greatest poet and I was born where he spent his final days that being Dumfries. I should know how long he lived and worked in Dumfries as I have books on him that I seldom get around to reading.

A letter has been discovered that shed's light on his last days and click here for bbc report.

When I go back to Dumfries for a visit I like to see his cottage there which you can walk around and as if you were in a museum. However Burns Cottage, the first home of Robert Burns is located in Alloway, South Ayrshire, Scotland. It was built by his father, William Burness in 1757. Burns, Scotland's national poet, was born there on 25 January 1759. It is a simple two-roomed clay and thatch cottage and is now a museum dedicated to him. It has been fully restored and is part of the Burns National Heritage Park.

Well I know Alloway is Burns Country but so is Dumfries as far as I and other Doonhamers are concerned.

Indeed like I said Dumfries is where I was born and lived there until 16 years of age. Even though Burns wrote some fine poetry there I prefer to read poetry rather than try to write it.

My favourite pastime nowadays is to write and post on the Internet. With the Internet you can research Burns online, and if like me cannot write poetry then try reading it and what better than Scotland's National Bard.

OK before I finish writing here about Burns I have included here the link for Burns Heritage Park if you get a chance to visit that part of Scotland. http://www.burnsheritagepark.com is the link.

Anyway I will try writing about what interests me as my personal diary on this weblog. Should be interesting.


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