Sunday, 22 August 2010

The need for fair government

Ordered a another couple of T-shirts from SRSM today. The picture above is of me wearing a Scotland shirt I bought in Dundee on Wednesday. Unlike most unionists I believe if you are going to campaign as an Internationalist you must always firstly be willing to stand up for Scotland.

On another subject I bought four cans of cider last week at a £1.00 each. It was 5.3% strength so I understand why the SNP is concerned about the availability in shops corner and supermarkets of cut price strong booze. If we can improve the health of the nation while cutting down on crime then legislation to curb Scotland's drinking culture is required.

Another concern of mine is the number of money lenders selling pay day loans on the net and elsewhere. The huge interest these unscrupulous companies are charging is daylight robbery. I hope Westminster does something about the money lenders they would never be tolerated under a socialist government.

Which leads me onto the topic of socialism in an Independent Scotland. If the people hopefully one day want it then fine but I will still campaign for it before and after independence. Socialism is more likely to happen in a Scottish Republic which I am hoping we get after independence. The Scottish people are fair and adapt well being represented by a social democratic type government like the SNP. A step forward would be a state that is socialist but not authoritarian. In the meantime I support the campaign by some for a Scottish Workers Republic as envisaged by Red Clydesider John MacLean in Scottish history.

Anyway make sure you are registered to vote by the May 2011 Scottish elections and give your vote to the SNP.

Yours for Scotland
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