Sunday, 1 August 2010

This weblog is Scottish Rebel

Anyone who has visited this site before will have noticed that I have changed the name to the Scottish Rebel. I am making changes to discuss more politics and I intend to post here more frequently. The design of the Blog has changed also to reflect my republican socialist beliefs. In April this year I joined the SNP for the second time in my life. I feel they are the only party that can deliver Independence most likely by way of an Independence Referendum. We are living in interesting times with a growth in Scottish culture since devolution. Everyone except the biased Scottish media seems to understand that Independence is a real possibility in our lifetime. What is certain is already there is more support for giving the Scottish Parliament more powers. Giving Holyrood full tax raising powers would better prepare us for Independence.

While I am writing here I will remind you I have joined Twitter as republicansoc. Indeed I am on a few sites from myspace to bebo to facebook. On these sites I am spreading the message of Independence and Republican Socialism. If you check my profile I post to four blogs. My most read webblog is probably Scottish Republic but I intend to post here more often and it will be different. Here I will write my views and opinions on a regular basis. Indeed a diary of my thoughts as I write about news and views. Scottish Rebel is my website to discuss both politics Scottish culture and my thinking in general not always political but mostly I prefer to write about politics. I like to write as if I am talking to you in my living room. Scottish Rebel is very much about me and my opinions so It is a we bit different to the format of Scottish Republic weblog but will be similar except I will spend more time writing my opinions on life and politics. Anyway I am off for a coffee so enough of writing on this post perhaps this can be my daily diary? I hope so we will have to wait and see.

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