Sunday, 29 August 2010

Alex Salmond Exclusive in the Express

Checking the newspapers today to find an exclusive by Alex Salmond in the Scottish Sunday Express. And he rightly concedes that the Referendum Bill is “likely” to be defeated at Holyrood.

Well I cannot blame him for wanting to build for the Scottish elections May 2011. All the SNP need to do now is anticipate public anger at the Opposition for preventing the people a say in their constitutional future. Coupled with the arguments that an independent Scotland could reduce its share of the UK debt without the need for swingeing cuts, the SNP should be able to strike a chord with the Scottish people and have a second term in office.

The First Minister stands by his plans to press ahead with the controversial Referendum Bill next month, with a possible polling date of March 31 next year, even though Labour, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats plan to vote it down.

But he told the Sunday Express: “I’ve always said that if the other parties don’t pass the bill – and that doesn’t look likely now, does it? – the people will have their say as to whether they want that opportunity in the election next year.
“People can take the decision to force the issue.

In view of the above I feel it necessary to say that if you want independence and prevent the hardship from the UK cuts then you have to vote SNP. This applies to everyone in the independence left also.

We must fight back at the lack of democracy that comes from the Unionist parties. The only way is to defeat them at the ballot box next May. Clearly the Unionists are running scared of an Independence Referendum and the SNP can only point out the reality of the situation. The only matter in hand is for the SNP to press ahead next month with the Referendum Bill and see what happens or what is inevitable.

I am disappointed but not with my party the SNP, but with the intransigence of the Unionists when faced with the progressive thinking and actions of the minority SNP Government.

A second term in Government would be good for the SNP and Scotland.

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