Monday, 2 August 2010

Why I prefer the Internet

I don't buy newspapers and have not since I have had the Internet for a few years. Anyway the Scottish media is biased against the present SNP minority Scottish Government. In other words newspapers like the Scotsman and Herald do not take Independence seriously enough.

So what do we do? Well there are plenty of interesting weblogs. You could also do no wrong by checking out the Newsnet website. As for the weblogs I have a list of recommended ones on my Scottish Republic weblog.

Furthermore as well as endless Scottish websites on the Internet I find the Forums a good source of information and opinions on news and Independence. There is Our Scotland. and the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement have their own web forum. I believe there are some choice of Scottish forums on the web. With most forums you can find out where the latest Scottish event is going to be held and organising it, so forums like social networking sites such as Facebook can be good ways to communicate also about the latest event and where to find it, time date venue, organisation etc...

Another interest I have is for Yahoo groups (also google groups exist) as a source of information or news and views. However the Yahoo groups vary somewhat, some are more interesting than others with a wee bit more debate included on a few.

Indeed I have got say that I use the Internet to not only debate but learn and communicate with others who usually have similar opinions to mine.

And finally I subscribe to the newsletter of Mediawatch at prepared by SNP activists in the west of Scotland. I post copies of these to Forum for Scottish Democracy, on Yahoo groups. So click to join anyone of my Yahoo groups which are on my weblogs to click on.

Well that is my diary of thoughts today folks not much interesting in today's news.

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