Monday, 9 August 2010

Need for responsible drinking

The Scottish government has pledged to consider "any workable alternatives" to a minimum price for a unit of alcohol.

The move came after an all-party meeting at Holyrood aimed at tackling Scotland's drink problem. That is what the bbc Scotland website said with the headline Scottish parties gather for alcohol summit.

And so minimum unit pricing may not win the day for the Scottish Government. Perhaps by the time the Alcohol (Scotland) Bill passes through the Scots Parliament we will have to settle for a floor price. This is what the opposition parties want and for Holyrood to work with the UK government.

What is clear there needs to be an end to the culture of drinking cheap booze such as strong drink like some ciders being on sale in the shops and supermarkets. Many of us in Scotland have an unhealthy relationship with drink. I know from experience that if the cost of alcoholic drink goes up then I will buy less. And so there is a link between consumption and price of that I am convinced. However I mainly buy lower strength beers in supermarkets because it suits my budget and you don't get drunk on it so easily. But like many folk on a budget I drink at home because of the cost of a night out at the pub. Perhaps I am no different to others and we all need to re educate ourselves about alcoholic drink in Scotland. After all it should be easier at home to reduce consumption of drink and remain a moderate drinker.


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