Friday, 23 July 2010

Dealing with the issue of stress

Mental Health problems will affect one in four of us at sometime in our lives. Indeed psychiatric problems are very prevalent in capitalist society as is the issue of stress..

The NHS Choices website
offers tips on dealing with stress whether at work, college or home.

It is important to recognise the signs of stress. Do you sleep OK? Do you drink too much? Do you get angry easily? Without a doubt stress drains us of energy and can easily lead to depression. Those of us that suffer are experts by experience.

If you suffer from stress or have a mental health issue because of stress factor then why not join the new Yahoo group I have created called The Relaxation Cafe. There you can discuss issues and factors of stress in our lives in a safe environment.

It is good to getting a break from politics to discuss lifestyle issues such as stress and how it affects us but I still leave plenty time to campaign for socialist politics because I believe a socialist republic in Scotland would adequately fund the Scottish NHS instead of wasting tax payers money on war or nuclear weapons like Trident.

If you would like to join the relaxation cafe click here

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