Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The end of the road for Bella Caledonia?

The following message has been posted on the Bella Caledonia website see below


"This project is now finished. Thanks to everyone for their support and interest over the last three years, particularly all the contributors. But it’s not possible to continue. All content will be available till the end of the month." Mike


Judging by the comments nobody wants to see it go least of all me. For the past three years Bella Caledonia has provided writers that are libertarian and have an insight into Scottish politics and culture. Also with alternative views and opinions but nevertheless pro-independence.

It comes at a time of collaboration by Bella Caledonia with Newsnet Scotland http://newsnetscotland.com

Therefore the sudden news that it is going to end is sad and disappointing.

I am sure the Bella Caledonia writers can go onto other projects.

Their writers have a clear vision that is not idealistic or dogmatic.

The future must bring us hope to aspire for better things.

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